Get to know the importance of carpet face weight

Every material is measured in different ways Likewise, the size of the carpet used on the floor is measured per square yard for a single pile. The measurement of the carpet should not scuffle with the weight of the carpet. The total weight of the carpet is not only the parameter for measuring the carpet; instead, it is the Sillas Eames weight of the carpet combined with the weight of the pile and the backing of the carpet. This is called as carpet face weight, defined as the measurement of the carpet in ounces.

Why face weight important?

The face weight of the plaster crown moulding  is very important because most of the sellers use face weight as the main factor for selling. Many numbers of carpet retailers use face weight to make the consumers believe about the quality of the carpet. It is mostly considered as on the best way to determine the carpet’s quality. Due to this people started to believe that the carpet will be durable if the face weight is higher, but actually, it is not true.

The fact is that the face weight of the carpet is used to decide the quality of the carpet but not for the durability of the carpet. But when it comes to durability of the carpet there are several factors to be considered such as type of the fiber, twist of the fiber and the style of the carpet.

The fact is face weight is only one of main thing that plays a role in formative carpet value. In order to really recognize the worth of the carpet, all things must be taken into concern, as well as fiber twist, fiber type, and carpet style.


The style and the weight of the carpet

Evidently there are different styles of carpet erected differently, which means the different styles of carpet will be of different weights but the quality will be same.  For instances the saxonies type carpet likely to have higher face weights than berbers have. This is due to the parameters like pile and amount of fibers used in the carpet. The fact is that 28 ounces of Saxony is not much better comparatively for the 28 ounces of berber which is much better. So the face weight has less value while comparing the different styles of carpets.


Does Face Weight Matter if so then when?

The face weight of the carpet is mostly useful while the two carpets that are similar in type, style and material. If the carpets are made of same fiber, with same twist and style then face weight works well. The carpet manufacturers usually give formats such as Good, Better and best for different carpet styles for which the other grades are similar but the face weight differs. In such cases the face weight is used to define and measure the quality of the carpet in which the better quality is certain if the carpet weighs higher weight. This shows that all other parameters of the carpet are similar but the difference in the face weight of the carpet determines that the quality of the carpet, therefore based on this concept if the face weight is higher, the quality is also higher.